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All Good (2017-06-09)

I'm still coping with drug withdrawal. Gabapentin. Just be careful since the drs. don't know why some people have bad withdrawal and some people minimal or none. I took it for really unbearable nerve pain, for less than a year, so it doesn't seem fair that it's almost three months now and I still have tremors, and dizziness, and so forth.

I am very much enjoying the electric wheelchair, it's like getting out of prison. I love the freedom to go places and do things... in Be'er Sheva. I wish the towns closer were more w/c accessible.

I went to Be'er Sheva yesterday to go to the hospital there (Soroka) for some neurological tests which I learned to call the 'triple evokes' back when the M.S. wasn't dx'd yet.

The tests didn't come off but we did some shopping and went to the guy to get the electric w/c fitted with a clamp so I can drive the van in the w/c. Hashem willing next week.

It's all good. Got to stop - typing is still very hard for me.

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