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Short, with critters (2017-04-23)

Having so much trouble typing... Well, at the moment I can barely sit up, so I'm one-finger typing when I could otherwise be using both hands, using my right arm to help me sit upright. And it's after 2am. Like old times, that.

Kitten is sitting on my lap purring, and the dog Chamudah just jumped off my bed. ??? I don't know why.

Looking at stuff I wrote years ago, when S2 was a baby, and also stuff from seven years ago. Here on d'land I wrote that. What a long strange trip it's been.

The animals just elected to go out w/TH and voila! I'm typing with two fingers, which more than doubles my speed. *sigh* How long until I stop remembering I was once a typist with good speed?

I am *so* tired of being non-functional. So glad the kids are all grown up so I can be non-functional without guilt. It was the guilt that was crippling. Being crippled is just life. Without the guilt I can still have a good life for as long as this lasts.

But that's all I can type now, must rest. Another time.

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